Now you can add BigCommerce as a channel in the ShipRocket panel. The process involves creating API credentials on BigCommerce and then integrating it on ShipRocket. Integrating BigCommerce in your ShipRocket panel will facilitate the following features for your orders :

  • Automatic Order Sync – This feature will allow you to automatically sync all the pending orders from your BigCommerce store into the ShipRocket panel. By default we’ll fetch “Awaiting fulfillment” and “Awaiting payment” status orders.
  • Automatic Status Sync – For the orders processed via ShipRocket panel the status will automatically be updated on Bigcommerce.

Steps to Integrate BigCommerce in ShipRocket

Step 1 : Create API credentials on BigCommerce

 (i) Login to the BigCommerce seller panel.

 (ii)  Go To 'Advanced settings' > 'API Accounts'

(iii) Next, click on the 'Create API Account' button.

(iv) Fill in the required details.

(v) Give 'Read-Only' access to Content, Customers, Information & Settings, Products and Carts.

(vi) Give 'Modify' access to Orders and Order Transactions.

(vii) Click on ‘Save’ in the right corner of the screen.

(viii) A pop-up will appear with the API credentials.

(ix) Next, a text file will be downloaded with the same credentials. Please save it in a secure place as you will have to create new API Credentials, if you lose it.

Step 2: Integrate BigCommerce in your ShipRocket Dashboard

(i) Login to your ShipRocket Account.

(ii) Under the ‘Settings’ menu on the left panel, locate the ‘Channels’ sub-menu.

(iii) Click on ‘Add new channel’. A new screen will open where you can find the list of all  the channels that can be integrated with ShipRocket.

(iv) Click on the ‘Integrate’ option under BigCommerce.  

  (v) A seller panel will open on your screen. You will find essential details here - 

  • Store ID: It is only shared in the link in the downloaded text file from BigCommerce. Refer to the image below to obtain your store ID from the downloaded file. 
  • Client ID, Access Token, Client Secret : These are shared in the text file and appears in the pop-up at the time of API creation.

(vi) In the 'Status to Fetch' section in the seller panel, add default order status i.e 'Awaiting Fulfillment' , 'Awaiting Payment'

(vii) Click on Save Channel and Test Connection

If the details shared in the seller panel are valid, BigCommerce channel will be enabled instantly and you would be able to fetch orders upto last 30 days.

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