The shipping rate calculator calculates the cost that will be incurred on shipping the order with the help of relevant details. After entering the required details such as pick up and delivery pin codes, weight, dimension, type of shipment, it calculates the shipping charge for your shipment, as charged by different courier partners. 

For example, the cost of shipping charge from 110018 to 110017 for each of the courier partner is given along with the ShipRocket rating which has been calculated on certain parameters of the past orders. 

The shipping rate is combination of freight plus the COD fee( in case of cod order). We charge for the higher of the two weights, dead (i.e approximate) weight and volumetric weight (L*B*H/ 5000)*.  The cod fee is higher of the fixed cod charges or  COD% of order value.

Note : the base factor to calculate the volumetric weight will change courier to courier.

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