Channel Catalog Management

Channel Catalog Management at ShipRocket, facilitates easier management of catalog and orders to the users. On one hand it acts as a single destination for sorted products of your business, while on the other hand it assists you in easier order creation and shipment.

Independent Channel Catalog

The channel catalog in the ShipRocket panel is now made independent and convenient for your use.

You can easily manage your channel catalog without opting for inventory management. 

Using the channel catalog you can keep a track of your products in each of your sales channel and also edit your order’s dimensions and weight specifications. 

If you are selling through multiple channels like Shopify, Amazon, Woocommerce etc. you can sync your independent channel catalog with ShipRocket and view it under the “Channel Catalog” found under “Products” tab on the panel. 

To activate the channel catalog sync you will need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Settings in the left pane

2. Under Settings, select Channels

3. Select the ‘edit’ option in your listed channels, this will lead you to an ‘Update Channel’ page.

4. In the ‘Update Channel’ page, you can switch ON or switch OFF sync under the ‘catalog’ section

If the ‘Sync’ option is switched ON for the catalog section, ShipRocket will automatically fetch product details like weight, dimensions, SKU etc. from the respective channels daily. 

Advantages of Independent Channel catalog Sync:

  • Channel catalog sync is available for all plans. If you are using the lite or basic plan and cannot sync with sales channels, any manual order you create, the Product details will be added to the channel catalog under the ‘manual’ sales channel.
  • You can edit the weight and dimensions of individual items listed in your channel catalog
  • Once you edit the order weight and dimensions in the channel catalog, the weight and dimensions of the unprocessed orders will also be edited however if you want to update the dimensions of any pending order, you can do in the order details page. 

The channel catalog tab will :

  • Fetch channel products 
  • Get and updated Weight and Dimensions of all your channel products
  • Autosave details of manual orders if no channel synced (lite and basic plan)
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