While placing an order there are many different responses which you are likely to face. These are the different statuses in which your order can be in: 

New: These are the new orders which you have received and have not generated an invoice for. You can see this in the Status section under the Orders category. Click on the filter and choose the “New” option.

Invoiced: These are the orders in your dashboard which have been invoiced. You can access them by clicking on the Status button and choosing the “Invoiced” option.

Here are the other different statuses your order can be a part of

  • Ready To Ship: This is when your order is in the stage where it is ready to be shipped. 
  • Pickup Scheduled: This is when the order is scheduled to to be picked up by the courier partner. 
  • Cancelled: This is when the order has been cancelled.
  • Shipped: This is when the order has been shipped.
  • Delivered: Upon completion of the delivery the status of the order will change to this.  
  • ePayment Failed: If due to any technical error or payment gateway failure the ePayment for the order is incomplete, the status will change to this. 
  • Pickup Queued: When the order pickup is queued the status will change to the same.  
  • Pickup Rescheduled: When the pickup gets rescheduled due to various reasons, the status for the same will change to pickup rescheduled.   
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