Bulk order upload is the process of feeding order data and information to your ShipRocket panel. To do so click on the button on the top right hand side of your panel.

After clicking on the upload button you can see that ShipRocket gives you options for uploading orders in both domestic and international shipments. 

Click the “Download Sample File” link to download a sample CSV order import file.

Open the CSV file. You will see some sample orders in this file

Important: please do NOT change the first header row of this file or it will cause an import failure.

You can delete the existing rows of sample orders and create new rows with the following parameters:

You can simply upload the orders by putting in the details in the excel sheet provided. On successful import, you will see a message as follows:

If bulk import fails, you will see an error:

You can download the error file to see the details of the error. The file will only contain records which are errored out, and the rest of the records will import.

You can see the “error” column in the CSV to see the nature of the error:

You can then fix the errors in your input CSV import file and re-try.

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