This is how your journey with ShipRocket begins. Here we take you through the process of adding orders to your ShipRocket account.

I) After logging in, go to the orders section of your account. Go to the add order button on the top right of your screen as highlighted.

II) Click on 'Add Order' after which you will see two options: 'Forward Order' and 'Return Order'.  While forward order is the order you create to ship your products to the customer, return Order is created to get the product back to the seller. You can create both the orders from the same menu.

Once you create an order: 3 types of information will be required for a shipment:

  1. Customer Details
  2. Product Details
  3. Payment Details

Customer Details
Billing address is relevant for eCommerce shipments. It is usually the same as the consignee shipping address. Entering a reference Order ID is mandatory. If you don’t have one, you can enter any unique number or identifier here. Also, select the pick up address at which you would like pick the shipment from.

Product Details
If you’re shipping a mobile phone, please check the IMEI/Serial Number field, otherwise you can ignore this. Enter the product name, a SKU (if you dont have a SKU code, you can enter any unique identifier code for your product).

 As you enter the product name or the SKU, the rest of the information such as price and weight and dimensions concerning the product will automatically be fetched from the master catalog. If the product that you're entering is not present in your master catalog, it will get created in it once you enter all the relevant details.

Payment Details
Here you need to pick if the order is a Cash on Delivery Order or a Prepaid order. Note: it’s important that you pick the right payment method so that when the shipping label is generated, our carrier channel partner can collect cash on your behalf if payment type is COD.

Once done, please click the Add Order button.

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